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Virtual dinghy racing with the Pembrokeshire Sibling Group

As part of our Lottery funded Seafair@Home programme, Tall Ships (Wales) Trust have hosted a virtual sailing club for youngsters from the Pembrokeshire Sibling Group. The Sibs Sailing Club has been meeting on Saturday mornings through Zoom.

The youngsters, together with their coordinator Debi Jones and Chair of the Board Lee Hind, have been learning how to sail. The sessions have been led by Tall Ship and Sail Training Skipper Aidan Begbie from Sailing Tectona (the charity that currently manages Olga) and I have been joining in and learning too. I have found it extremely good fun and compelling.

Aidan introduced the group to Virtual Regatta Inshore which is an exciting online sailing simulation where you can race intense regattas in real time against sailors from all around the world! Virtual Regatta Inshore

During our sessions the group learned how to create their own accounts and the necessary skills to play the game. Aidan also taught them the principles of sailing which they need to understand how to navigate the course and take part.

The group has really enjoyed their club as comments from their parents on the Facebook page confirm:

She’s had great fun this morning!

Thank you, Caiden really enjoyed it!

Grace has really enjoyed the sessions. Thank you

The Sibs Sailing Club will be having a break for the summer holidays but they are looking forward to taking to the water at the earliest opportunity. With their new virtual sailing skills they will be ‘off to a flying start’.

Paula Holt Tall Ships (Wales) Trust

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